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The eigensystem of the Maxwell equations with extension to perfectly hyperbolic Maxwell equations

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SimJournal: Ammar Hakim’s Simulation Journal



The results presented below are preliminary and for my personal use only. My intent is to use these notes to communicate with my close colleagues.

It is likely that the text of my notes may undergo significant revisions. Although I have taken care, many results might be wrong. That is just the nature of scientific work. If in doubt please talk to me directly or send me an email to discuss.

If you are not a part of the Gkeyll project, please do not share or use these results in any form whatsoever without my explicit permission.


Each note below also has links to the Lua script used to run the simulation. Usually, the links are in figure caption or in tables. They have (unhelpful at first) names like [s5]. If you want the exact initial conditions, boundary conditions and other simulation details, please click those links and look at the Lua script. The initial conditions are in (obviously named) functions like init(). The script also contains other details like exact setup (resolution, algorithms, limiters, time-steps, etc). My goal is that others can reproduce these results. Hence, there is no “hidden hand-of-god”, as one commonly finds in some papers, etc.

Below are a list of journal entries, documenting various problems that have been attempted with Gkeyll. The eventual goal of Gkeyll is to solve the gyrokinetic equations in the edge region of tokamaks, including the scrap-off-layer. However, Gkeyll provides a powerful framework to study various physics problems as well as test different algorithms in a modular way. Some of these are documented below, with links to the Lua scripts to run those problems.

Gkeyll Simulation Journal